Why it is essential to have the right workout mindset:

Your thoughts affect how you feel and your body mirrors your emotions. Therefore the training begins in the head. Working on your mindset is the first step towards successful training progress.

Become aware of the thoughts you have in your head and whether they are helpful or hindering. It helps to write them down on paper.

  1. Step: Before training, sit down and write down how you feel about exercising.
  2. Step: Cross out all sentences that are not helpful and leave the helpful sentences. Example:

    Today I am learning a new movement Exercise

    XY doesn’t work,

    I don’t like exercise XY, it’s so difficult.

    I will pay special attention to the XY movement.

  3. Step: Replace the crossed-out sentences with positive affirmations.

Today I am learning a new movement

Exercise XY is getting a little better every day

Exercise XY is good for my body, I do it 100%.

I will pay special attention to the XY movement.

I have listed some of my favorite examples for you. You can just take what is right for you. Let yourself be inspired by it and create your own sentences that are tailored to your needs.

Positive workout mindset


Grounding means you are present in your body. You are not floating in daydreams with your mind, but you are at home in your body. You perceive your body down to your feet. For some people, this is a natural state, but if you are an airy person you should ground yourself with a visualization. I recommend Jim Self’s meditation for this. 

When you are grounded, you will immediately feel a sense of inner calm.

  • I am grounded.
  • I am at home in my body.
  • I perceive every cell in my body.


Gratitude is a wonderful sensation that instantly raises your energy to a higher frequency. Be thankful for your body and everything it does for you so that you can experience life in all its facets. Make yourself aware of the miracle of all biological processes in your body.

When you are grateful, a smile will instantly form on your face.

  • I am grateful for my body.
  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I am a biological miracle.


Your inner posture influences your physical posture. Hence, when you feel proud and ready to face your training, it will be reflected in the way you carry your body.

When you are proud, you will immediately straighten up and maintain good posture.

  • I am proud of my body.
  • I am proud of my training successes.
  • I will achieve my training goal.

Training not draining. 

There is a fine line between demanding and overwhelming. If you do not challenge yourself enough, the desired training success will not be achieved. If you push beyond your limits, your body is overwhelmed. As a result, your energy reserves are tapped and regeneration after training takes much longer than necessary. It is important to find the right amount in order to achieve the best results. Your heartbeat is the best indicator to find the right level.

If you listen in to your body, you will immediately feel your heartbeat.

  • I listen to my body.
  • I exercise my body with respect.
  • I pay attention to my heartbeat rhythm.

Let go

For a moment, let go of all expectations of your body. Let go of all thoughts. Let all the stress flow out of your body. You can imagine that a bucket of water is put over you and with the water that runs down on you, everything flows away.

When you let go, you will immediately notice how relaxation occurs in your body.

  • I let go.
  • Everything that is not relevant flows away.
  • My energy is in flux.


Trust yourself and your body. If you consistently do the right thing over a long period of time, you can be confident that you will achieve your goals.

When you trust in your future, you immediately feel confident.

  • My body will get where I want it to be.
  • My mental strength increases steadily.
  • I trust the process.


Focus on doing something good for you and your body. Find the fun factor, what you particularly like about your training. You can only maintain routines over the long term with joy. Joy is the ultimate tip for sustainability in training.

If you look at your fun factor, you will immediately feel an urge to act.

  • The joy comes in doing.
  • I find joy in every training session.
  • My training is fun and increases my well-being.

Drop me a line and tell me which workout mindset hack you liked most.

Motivated training greetings


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motivated training greetings


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