Powerful body prayer for healing!

My dear Body,

I am aware that you are giving me my life.
I thank you for waking up every morning.

I am grateful

I am grateful that through you I can feel, hear and dance to life.
I am grateful that through you I can share moments with loved ones.
I am grateful that through you I can give and experience touch.

In my heart

In my heart I know that you serve me with devotion.
In my heart I accept that you help me develop through pain.
In my heart I know what you want to tell me.

I promise

I promise to work with you from now on.
I promise to listen to you from now on.
I promise to treat you with consideration from now on.

Respect and accept

I respect your boundaries and I know that you do your best to serve me.
I will give you the time you need to develop.

I accept your appearance because I am aware that I am responsible for it myself.
I promise to do my best to please you.

I accept what is in the past because I know in my heart that I chose this experience.
I am proud of every step towards growth that we take together.

My dear Body

My body you are as close to me as nothing in the world, because through you I experience miracles.
My body you are my best friend and partner because I spend every day inside you!
My body you deserve my love from today and as long as you let me live!

Every Day I care

I am respectful with you.
I learn to love you more every day.
Every day I allow more sensuality.
Every day I choose to be at home in you.

I carefully follow your development.
I will do something for our health every day.
Every day I give you the exercise you need.
Every day I pay attention to what I put into you.

From now on

My body you are my greatest good.
My body you are my first priority.
My body you come first.

My body you are my most profound work.
My body it fills me with pride to live in you.
My body I love you

I am aware that my days inside of you are numbered and I take care of you with devotion to ensure that you remain vital. It is my goal to enjoy your sensuality in deep breaths every moment. My mission is to perfect the skill of self-love.

Body Prayer, 30 days to a healthy relationship with your body mind and soul

I wrote this “Body Prayer” for you, you are welcome to use these lines as a prayer or as a mantra. You can find a short version to print out. Put the printed body prayer on your dessert, hang it in the toilet, and clip it to the refrigerator. Take 5 minutes each morning and evening to read the body prayer. With this you program your subconscious and it changes the pattern in your thoughts.

To achieve a lasting change in the relationship with your body, I advise you to do this ritual for at least 30 days at a time. It is better if you go through this for 2 years or more.

You can develop body prayer further and rewrite it so that it is tailored to you and your needs. The length is not relevant, it can be 3, 10 or 25 sentences. It is important that you deal with it every day.

The body needs time to change. You need time to change the thought patterns in your head. Life takes time to manifest positive changes.

Learn to love yourself and strengthen self-love is like creating Art!

Self-love is not learned in a month, it is a way of life. A constantly ongoing process, like art that takes many years to mature before the masterpiece is created.

You are the artist and today you start to create the monumental statue of your body. Every day you work a little bit on your body until one day it becomes a masterpiece.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to support you, leave me a note in messenger.

Have fun in the process,

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