Your brain, the Boogie Man!

The brain is a master of old habits and makes it difficult to establish new productive habits. I firmly believe that I have to keep my brain on a very short leash in order for it to produce good results for me and to function as the great computer it should be. If I let my brain run free, it will find 101 reasons to pursue my bad habits. My brain often speaks as the little devil on my shoulder: “Have another chocolate! You deserve it!” Thank God there is also my gut feeling that acts as an angel who clearly says: “You have to go on the yoga mat to practice! That is what you really want!”

When you decide to establish a new habit, such as going jogging twice a week or doing yoga, then it is first accepted by the brain. But at the latest when you want to put on your jogging shoes for the second time or stand on the yoga mat, you hear something like this from your brain:

This won’t help at all! Everyone else is better than me anyway. Do it tomorrow.
Go binge some Netflix shows. I am too lazy. I am not brave enough.
I will never achieve that. I don’t look good enough. I’ve never been able to.

How do you find the motivation

to face your brain scam?

You need a goal and a vision of who you want to be. Then you ask yourself, and it’s best to say it out loud: “Do I want to be a couch potato or do I want to be a sporty personality?” If you want to be a sporty personality, it makes a lot of sense to put on your jogging shoes and go jogging. With such a statement you take all the wind out of the sails of bad excuses!

“Do I want to be a couch potato or . . . ?

“Do I want to be a sporty personality? I’m doing something for my fitness now!” “Do I want a dream partner? I exceed all the demands have on my partner!” “Do I want to be a role model? Yes, I do what needs to be done!”
“Do I want to be a dancer? I’m signing up for the class!” “I want to please my partner. I keep myself vital and desirable!” “I want success in my job. I’m working on my posture!”
“Do I want to appear safe and calm? I meditate to achieve that!” “Do I want vitality in old age? I pay attention to my diet!” “Do I want more recognition? I get my body in shape!”

You are a talent.

“You are so talented!” is a phrase that is often used when it comes to artists, athletes and already successful people. Years of training are often given little weight at that time.

What I want to say is that everyone is a talent if they pursue and do something long enough.

Some people have real super human skills. Like Chris Pettersen, for example, who can do a handstand on a rope. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I’d say it’s impossible to do a handstand in the air on a shaky rope! But Chris shows how. I asked him how he achieved this extraordinary level of balance!

He explained to me that he started balancing on the rope when he was 6 years old. Everyone learns to balance, first we crawl around on the floor as babies and as toddlers we learn our first unsteady steps on our feet. By the age of 6, most people are happy with their balance level and stop practicing balancing on their FEET once they can jump, hop, dance.

I just never stopped practicing balance. I kept practicing until I was blindfolded to balance my goldfish bowl on that slackrope.

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Have fun in the process,

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