Creativity Brings motivation and

meaning to your daily training.

Set the goal of devoting the last 15 minutes of each training session to creativity. Take a specific exercise or sequence of movements and try something new!

Do something different than you are used to. Get off the beaten path and look for a new way to do an exercise you already know. Think about how you can expand, complicate and reinvent the exercise.

I have created a list for you with properties that you can use to integrate more creativity into your training:


Confidence in yourself is an essential thing in training as in life! To be sure that the intuition is correct and tells you what is right for your physical and personal growth.

Tell yourself: “I know exactly what is good for me.”


To have the courage to embark on your creative body journey! To think and act differently and with a new approach to perceive you and your body.

Also means having the courage to make a fool of yourself! To have the courage to overcome your doubts! If you want to dance ballet, even if you have two left legs, go to a studio and start taking lessons.

Tell yourself: “I am brave.”


It all starts with enthusiasm, a vision that gives a goal to work towards. A physically noticeable euphoria underlines every beginning.

You need a vision that will carry you through your doubts and unmotivated times!

Tell yourself “… is my vision. “


Allow yourself a childlike openness, an intuitive approach! Because creativity does not arise in the head. It comes from below! You can process creative impulses that come from the heart in your head, your mental centre! Enrich with thoughts, memories, emotions and knowledge to be creative!

Tell yourself “My training is my playground.”


Your goal is present, and it’s your favourite topic! You think about it, and you want to talk about it. You should be obsessed with your goal. If you dream of your movements at night, then you have focus.

Tell yourself “I train focused.”


You get completely immersed in your world! You live in your universe that revolves around your goal! Just thinking about your training is already fulfilling. You love to talk to like-minded people about your training.

Tell yourself “I am completely in my world.”


You know your body and your goals best. You can get help in the form of trainers and coaches, but in the end, you are responsible for your health and your progress. Don’t complain about the rigours of training. Choose your workout every day and do your best.

Say to yourself “I take full responsibility for my training!”

The journey is the goal – celebrate small training successes!

You want to be able to start small and do yoga once a week and eat vegetables every day. If you prove to yourself that you can introduce and carry out small changes, then you know that you can achieve great things in the long term. Like vitality in old age, being an excellent example for your children or becoming an artist athlete!

Say to yourself “I’m proud of my good habits!”


You can’t prepare, start before you’re ready! Training is about progress and growth. You learn the necessary skills along the way!

In sport, it is clear that you need to train muscles to move forward. It is no different with creativity. You need to train your creative force. Over and over again. Never give up, take 1,000 attempts.

Which skills are you allowed to acquire? Which person can you become to achieve your goal? Visualize who you will be when you reach your goal.

Say to yourself “I’m becoming a talent!”

Help from others! 1 + 1 = 2 / 1×1 = 11

Ask other people who are further than you for help. Accept help and help others!

People will help you to be there and create for sheer joy! It is fulfilling to provide help! Studies show that people are happiest when they can pass on their talents!

Ask others: “Can you help me?”


To be physically creative, you must learn to deal with unpleasant feelings. You transform your emotions by looking and acknowledging that they are there. Open up, allow yourself to feel, accept the emotion, and then let go of it. Everything is allowed.

Say to yourself “That will also pass!”

Comfort zone

Whoever does the same thing always gets the same results. To break physical and creative boundaries, you have to do something different than what you are used to.

Leaving your comfort zone is uncomfortable until you’ve done it enough times, and it becomes a routine. Taking a step out of the comfort zone over and over again brings you the physical and creative progress in training that you want.

Tell yourself “Just do it!”

Minimal constancy

Train consistently towards your goal every day! It’s your little workouts that make all the difference. At the moment, it’s not always evident that ten stretches can make a difference. But it’s the little workout routines that you do every day that define who you are.

Suppose you want to learn a handstand and consistently practice only 10 minutes every day for the next three years. Can’t you help but stand on your hands at some point? It is a logical consequence of your actions! Do not underestimate what is possible for your body in 5 years!

Success doesn’t come from what you occasionally do. Success comes from what you do consistently. By Marie Forleo

Say to yourself “bit by bit every day.”


You don’t make mistakes; you gain experience! Make lots of mistakes and learn from them. The success curve is not steep. Life happens in phases!

Success phase> learning phase> perseverance phase> success phase

In the success phase, you make a breakthrough, for the first time you succeed in a new movement! During the learning phase, you will learn to understand the exact movement sequences of the new movement correctly on the physical level and through the mind. Once you have understood and integrated the technical processes, you will enter the endurance phase. In the endurance phase, you practice the new movement for months until you can do it blindfolded. Now, this movement is no longer new to you, and a new phase of success can set in.

Say to yourself “I trust the process.”

Perseverance is worth it!

  1. Trust in yourself and your body!
  2. Get inspiration for a goal!
  3. Make a conscious decision!
  4. Expand your comfort zone, acquire new skills!
  5. Accept help!
  6. Train in a disciplined manner and do your best!
  7. Make mistakes and gain experience!
  8. Persevere, trust the growth process!
  9. Patience, give yourself and your body the time you need!
  10. Celebrate your big and small successes!

Progress in the world of movement comes from creativity. Someone has an idea and develops a new exercise, a new sport or a new tool! Creativity is solution-oriented thinking. A new way of thinking and acting differently than usual.

To think up something new that doesn’t exist yet and then create it.

Try something new! Leaving the path of least resistance and push the boundaries! Move your body in a way that’s not too new or too familiar, but somewhere in between.

Dear reader, you have everything you need to design your creative training. An artist lives within you! Creativity is an effortless, unlimited resource that you can access anytime.

The doors for creative use of the body are open to everyone. It’s never too late to become what inspired you! I want to encourage you to allow yourself to develop your artistic nature and to be creative in your training.

I am delighted when you tell me about your creative training experiences. I am pleased to receive questions because they keep me thinking.

Have fun in the creative process,

motivated movement greetings


Creativity is the joy of life!

Mara Zimmerli

If you have any questions, I will be happy to support you, leave me a note in messenger.

Have fun in the process,

motivated training greetings


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