Better Performance

By Warming Up

In my work as a sport instructor and personal trainer I have lately faced a lot the importance of warming up before workout. I would like to give my five cents about the subject and motivate you to understand why it is maybe the most important part of the workout.

How often we skip our warming up and go straight to favourite drills, heavy squats and demanding movements? If you want to achieve your goals you should give enough time for preparing your body for the goal you have set for each workout and for the ultimate goal you have in mind.

Why should we warm-up? Warming up before workout prepares the cardiovascular system for physical activity by increasing the blood flow to your muscles and raising the temperature of your body. When your muscles are adequately warmed up, the movements, stretches, and strain you put on them during your workout is less severe. This also minimizes muscle soreness and lessens your risk of injury – and that should be a good motivation!


Choose dynamic movements, stretches and cardio exercise that are optimal to your goal you want to achieve. You know your warming up is properly done when you notice sweat/moisture appearing on your forehead, back of hands, or under the nose.

A good warming up could consist of:

  • Dynamic movements – slowly using full range of motion to open up the body
  • Cardio – slowly raise your heart rate increasing the intensity as you get closer to main workout
  • Activate the deep core muscles you will need in your workout
  • Coordination and skill exercises


As you do your warming up you become more focused on your body and your physical activity. This focus is important for your workout and it will carry over into your training session to help you to improve your technique, coordination, and skill. Integrate warming up to your workout so it`s not a separate thing you do. When your body starts to be ready for the workout so does your mindset – ready for the heavy squats, demanding movements and drills.

There are days when you don`t feel like exercising and that is normal – you should listen to your body and give it what it needs either it is movement, rest or food. But sometimes that “I don`t feel like” is just our mind chattering. Try starting body movements, light mobility and see where it goes from there. Sometimes the best workout comes in a bad day and changes how you feel. You are not your thoughts and emotions, rise above them and see how your feelings can change.

How long should I do my warming up?

You set your own goals but imagine if you workout three times per week and do a ten minutes warming up. That means 30 minutes warming up per week and two hours in a month. Add that to your workout time you do in a month. This way warming up may increase you mobility, cardio and body control – all those things we easily skip but so often desperately need more. You`re closer your goals in a healthy, well-being body that functions the way you ask for.


Have you seen athletes skipping their warming up? They know the benefits of what it does for the body and for the upcoming workout. Maybe we normally active people can learn something from athletes – change the way you think a warming up is, change how you treat your body and see what it gives back to you. Better performance.

Be inspired from your body. Start today. Inkeri

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