The Netflix Exercise.

I would like to tell you how Netflix can make you fitter, and I’m not talking about watching a documentary about healthy eating. What if I told you that watching any movie or TV-show can make you stronger, healthier, more flexible, would you believe me?

Of course, it’s not the watching itself that makes the magic happen. I’m talking about using Netflix as a trigger for exercising. Whenever I decide to put on another episode of my favorite show, my mind tells me I have to do a five-minute exercise routine. And when the episode credits start rolling I have to do ten sit-ups. 5 minutes of exercising and 10 sit-ups per day equals 25 hours of exercising and 3000 push-ups per year if you watch one hour of TV every day five days a week. Just by watching Netflix!

What do you think that would do to your body? How would you feel? Self-confidence to the power of 10, because you know that you can pull this off and have achieved something.

Granted, it’s easy to write, and what now seems a good idea has to be implemented first. Studies show that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Frankly speaking, the first 21 days are the most important, difficult and decisive days. In the beginning, it is admittedly tedious and annoying! You have to think about it and do it. So that you don’t forget the trigger and make the whole operation as easy as possible, I recommend the following:

Support for the first 21 days

  • Put your exercise mat in front of the TV in the morning so you can see it.
  • Make a reminder on your phone that rings when you watch TV. Take a cool sound as a reminder that will get you in the mood.
  • Write a message on a Post-it and stick it on the TV or TV controls.
  • Tick ​​the calendar off every day that you were successful! Your subconscious ego wants to see all fields full of heels. Since I’m ambitious, it always works for me.
  • Get help from a partner: Every evening after completing the exercises, you report to a partner and say “Done! I’m the tastiest vegetable on the planet!” You can also do this via chat message if you live alone. 
  • If you want to go one step further, you can set a painful punishment for every failed day, for example: If you haven’t made it, you have to Twint your partner 5 euros. Ouch, that hurts, I think you better watch out tomorrow!

Diese kleinen Hacks können dir helfen dein Vorhaben durchzuziehen, in dem sie dich erinnern.

Be prepared for the excuses!

When the time comes to get on the mat, you will face your inner resistance for the first 21 days. It’s like your inner weaker self is trying hard to become your best friend! I sometimes ask myself why God programmed us, humans, like this? My head buzzes with thoughts like: 

First, get a bar of chocolate as motivation. Do it tomorrow. Does it really have to be? Is that good for you at all? Less is more! What do you want to achieve with it? What do the others think? That’s not normal? Etc…

There is only one cure for this and that is:

Listen and ignore everything!

What if the exercise was not done for a day?

No problem. Don’t be hard on yourself. Tomorrow you have another chance! Analyze why it didn’t work out and think of something to triple your chances of tomorrow’s success! Do you need a reminder, more motivation or a partner?

All information are ideas to inspire you and can be tied down and adapted to you, take out what suits you.

Have fun implementing. If you want to change something, but need a kick in the ass to get going, you are welcome to contact me. I do that very well.

Wenn du Fragen hast, unterstütze ich dich gerne, hinterlasse eine Message im Chat.

Viel Spass im Prozess,

motivierte Bewegungs-Grüsse


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