How do you identify with your training?

If you exercise regularly, you will feel pride in your role. The training becomes part of you and your identity. You are what you do regularly! If you jog regularly, you are a jogger. If you train regularly in the gym, you are an athlete. If you do yoga or pilates at home on a regular base, you are part of the whole yoga and pilates awareness.

The choice of your sport determines how you see yourself and how other people perceive you. Every sport has a mass consciousness and influences you consciously and unconsciously, your mind-set, heart-set and soul-set. The choice of your type of sport or exercise brings you into contact with certain people, literature and media.

The moment you choose a sport is crucial in your life, a key moment. At that moment, you decide what you want to identify with and which impulses you will be influenced by in the future. These influences become your mentality, which becomes your identity.

What do you think about ballroom dancing? How do you like bodybuilding? What social ranking do you give yoga?

Where do you see yourself? Are you a loner or a team player? An indoor or outdoor person? Do you like artistic forms of movement? Do you prefer static over dynamic movements?

Surely you should ask yourself who am I and what am I good at performing? But much more important is the question, where are you going? What should your life be like in 5 years? To which group do you want to belong? Do you want to be part of a golf company or is your luck on the back of a horse?

  • What do you want to have learned?
    Do you want to expand your physical skills, strength, flexibility and coordination? Or is it more about the mental abilities! Are you attracted to focus your mind and purposefully direct your energy?
  • Does it matter to you how you will look?
    Muscular like gym visitors, lean like dancers or defined like endurance athletes? Or is the physical aspect not crucial to you and you choose something that allows your body to be as it is, for example, archery or horse riding.
  • How do you want to feel?
    Do you need adventure and adrenaline? How about the thrill, would you like to collect medals at competitions? Or do you long for inner peace and serenity?
  • What do you expect in terms of social aspects?
    Are you looking for a new group of friends or do you want more time for yourself? Do you like to share friendship and hobby with just one person, or do you love large crowds? Drinking beer and partying every week after training, is it a must or a penalty for you?
  • Is social status important to you?
    Is there meaning in a sport where the upper-class romps? Do you need recognition from those around you, or does none of this matter to you?

How do you identify with your training? What is your sport or form of movement, and why did you choose it? I look forward to your feedback!

If you have any questions, I will be happy to support you, leave me a note in messenger.

Have fun in the process,

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