Forgotten paradise INSIDE OF you.

Wow. Write an article about yoga. You know, of course, I could start now and bring all the information to you about what it means, where it comes from, what the philosophy behind it is … but honestly. You can also ask google.

What I wish for you is to understand what it can do for YOU, what it does to you, to your body, your mind, your inner being.

That alone is so difficult to grasp. You are so much more than you think. You are a miracle. Even if you don’t believe it, take a look at yourself! Just stand naked in front of the mirror and admire this masterpiece, this unique piece of life. YOU. You are everything about you.

Do you know what yoga is for me?

A soulmate for life. Every day. Yoga is always there, even if I’ve forgotten myself, don’t know what to do,  I’m feeling bad, face a challenge, when I go for a walk on the beach and feel the waves, I’m fine.

Always there. It’s not just about movement, about those postures (asanas) that look so simple, so beautiful, so perfect in the Instagram feeds of all the yoga girls. And you probably think: I’m far too inflexible, I can’t do that.

It is a connection with everything I am, what defines me. Above all an understanding … of my body in a new way, an acceptance, a letting go, an acceptance. And being aware of the moment.

What exactly is it that makes me? Is it just my name, age, my job, what I’ve achieved so far, what level of the career ladder am I at?


What else am I?

I am my breath.

Breath? What do you mean Jacoba ???

Have you ever thought that this magic stuff, without which you couldn’t survive for more than a few minutes (at best), flows in and out of you every second?

From the day when your umbilical cord was cut, when you small, utterly helpless worm for the first time … until the day when you will take your last breath – accompanies you with infinite devotion.

Prana. That’s what they call it in yoga. In Sanskrit, the sacred language of India. Life energy. Chi.

Close your eyes for a moment. OK. First read the text briefly and then do it. No matter if you are sitting or standing. Relax your head, your jaw, your eyes, your shoulders. Breathe in and out. Very long. Fully aware. As you inhale, count to 4. As you exhale, count to 4. Do this 4 times. Feel. Perceive. Just everything that is. It’s like getting into an elevator and travelling a few floors down from your head. In your neck, your chest, your stomach, your legs, your feet. Perceive.

OK. Now you can do the exercise.

Close your eyes.

Should I tell you something else?

I have been practising yoga for years and have not been able to fully grasp what it is, what yoga does to me, the body, mind and the flow of energy in me.

I did yoga with my head. After a stressful day at work, I quickly ran to the yoga studio to prove to myself that I am doing something for myself.


For me, yoga is not just a sport, a trend to get a beautiful body, to meditate, to arrive in me.

For me, yoga is pure love.

To myself, a completely new understanding of my being, my body, the nature around me, all living beings, the connection through something invisible, yet more tangible existence.

You can’t really explain yoga. Or get a different answer from everyone you ask. Because every single person is unique. Just like you:)

You can experience yoga. Again and again new. Immerse yourself in a world that cannot be recognized with the mind, but can only be felt and perceived with an open heart.

And laugh, cry, get a screaming fit, sore muscles, a beautiful, strengthened body, come to rest, freak out, fall in love with yourself. And as Mara writes so beautifully:

To be in tune with  your Body. Is self love.

For me this is yoga.

Yes, you can contact me. I am happy to hear from you.

Truly yours Jacoba

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