Are you also dreaming of a good and easy show life, with financial freedom.
Abundance to create and make a change to the world!

Create art, create a house, create impactful charity!

You say ”YES, that’s what I want!’ But you have no idea where to start? Maybe you started but got a bit stuck? Your friends and family probably can’t answer all the questions running through your mind either…

“What does it take to get producers to look at my video and book my act?”

“How can I be indispensable to a producer?” and

“Is there a way to make money just with my laptop and still be free to accept performing contracts offered to me?”

I feel you! I have been there. I was stressed 4 years non-stop, until I figured out:

  • A way to apply for jobs with impact!
  • Create several income streams! 
Mara Zimmerli Performing Artist
Mara Zimmerli Aerial Acrobat

I left a steady job to run away with the circus. At first, I did publicity for the circus but slowly and steady I worked my way towards a successful artist career. Over the past 6 years I learned a lot about the circus performer lifestyle, artist branding, job applications, online presence, contract negotiation and more. And I’d love to help you by sharing my knowledge!

I understand what it means to start from scratch. At age 26 I entered the circus world as a complete newbie with neither a gymnastic nor a business background. I was far away from even being flexible enough to do the basic leg splits or even understanding how the circus industry works. I really wondered what it takes to succeed!

I can still feel the excitement of entering a new chapter in my life but also the overwhelming feeling of not being confident.

It’s normal but it’s hard to go through this alone. I wish I’ve had someone to take me by the hand to guide me along.

That’s why I start to offer limited one on one working sessions. A place where you can ask all your questions. Together we’ll work out a plan with your next steps.

Here are some of the topics I can help you with!

? Entering and getting started in the circus industry.

?‍? How to brand yourself as an artist and how to create an online presence.

? Make your artist portfolio more appealing to producers.

?Options to create a second income stream from your computer.

  • If you want to become a performing artist and work in the show industry, but you are not sure how to get there. Together we’ll work out your 5 next action steps!
  • If you are already an established performer and you want to bring your art business to the next level with an additional online income but you don’t know where to start. Together we have a closer look. We’ll define 3 of your skills and 3 of your passions to find a possible path for you!
  • If you have great acts but you don’t get enough work, you might want to update the way you approach your future producers. Together we’ll work out 5 tricks to make your applications and promotion material stand out from the crowd!  
Let’s work together!

One on One Session

  • Pre-call questions for me to know where you are at and how I can help you best!
  • 1 x 60 min zoom call with me.
  • Recording of the call.
  • We brainstorm together to come up with new inputs.
  • We work out 3 to 5 of your next action steps with a timetable to get tasks done and energy moving!
  • My goal is that you are inspired and encouraged to work towards your action steps after our call.

Mara struck the perfect balance of challenging me physically and mentally. She adjusted the workout to meet my body’s abilities while still pushing me outside of my comfort zone. She is so positive and encouraging and made me feel like I could do anything! Her workout left me feeling stronger, encouraged and most of all amazed at the things my body is capable of. If you want to feel like Wonderwoman, she’s the coach for you!

Wella J.

She’s been prepared and gave me new ideas or points of view for my project. She made me think and help me to understand what I still need to work out. It was like talking to my best friend, but in the same time to someone who’s not too much personally involved. I’d suggest her like a coach, because she knows what she’s talking about and what you are going through.

Sandra S.

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