What is a sexy badass?
Watch my video to find out!

5 body workouts to break your comfort zone and step into your power life!

I am an international aerial acrobatics performer and I can reveal to you how to become an inspired sexy badass. I am eager to show you how to create immense power by stepping out of your comfort zone. My biggest passion, besides performing, is to show ambitious young women how to break through their safe zone, and how they can unleash their own true power to create their own authentic lifestyle.

I have created a program that includes everything I know from my lives as a horse trainer, globetrotter, security officer, performing artist and entrepreneur. I seek to offer individual training workouts to those that want to transform their lives into something greater!

Do you feel that time is running through your fingers?

Do you see that the world is constantly evolving and you long to become a creative part of that change? 

Mara Zimmerli Circus Artist

You know you have the potential, the knowledge, the power and the will, but after a long working day you’re just stressed out and all you want to do is watch TV shows?

Do you see your friends and other people becoming successful with their own businesses and now you feel it is your turn, too?

Well, the truth is I know exactly how that feels. There was a time in my life where I felt just like that. I had big dreams, all that knowledge and longing to change something in the world. I wanted to be a resourceful contribution to the change that is happening on this planet.

Just take a moment to imagine that there is a program that gives you all you need to change your reality. What if there is a way that could bring you to the place you want to be?

What if you can achieve

✓ More energy for your everyday life.
✓ Clarity and focus on what you truly want.
✓ More confidence in your own body.
✓ More authenticity to convince people and attract people naturally. Develop the high performer in you!

Welcome to the Sexy Badass authentic lifestyle program!

One-On-One Training

In my one-on-one training program, you will learn how to become a high performer. We meet online via Zoom, you get an invitation link per email. Each session takes about an hour.

We will focus on your body’s power, our brain’s mindset and success strategy for you to achieve a successful lifestyle. You will gain more courage, self-confidence and clarity for your everyday performance in life. And what is even more appealing is that we will meet online and practice fun exercises.

I will guide you through a mix of athletic high-performance exercise routine workouts. Also, I will share with you the exact steps that made me the high performer and sexy badass I am today, just to aid you in achieving the exact same thing. Be ready to learn about my best techniques to overcome comfort zones and step into your sexy badass power life.

Are you ready to rock the world? Let’s do this!

This online training program has limited places;
In august and september I only have 3 spots available for booking.

Contact me today to get an appointment within my
online personal trainer workout routine!

Over the phone we will find out what subject to focus on,
decide fast, win the game!


Mara struck the perfect balance of challenging me physically and mentally. She adjusted the workout to meet my body’s abilities while still pushing me outside of my comfort zone. She is so positive and encouraging and made me feel like I could do anything! Her workout left me feeling stronger, encouraged and most of all amazed at the things my body is capable of. If you want to feel like Wonderwoman, she’s the coach for you!

Wella J.

She’s been prepared and gave me new ideas or points of view for my project. She made me think and help me to understand what I still need to work out. It was like talking to my best friend, but in the same time to someone who’s not too much personally involved. I’d suggest her like a coach, because she knows what she’s talking about and what you are going through.

Sandra S.

Let’s Work Together


I am currently in the beta phase with my business and I am looking for beta testers. There are only 3 spots left for the special beta price in August and September 2019. Apply now!

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