What do You want?

Be your own boss,
have a self-determent life,
work from home,
or from your favourite place,
have more time for yourself and your loved ones,
face a new challenge,
find purpuse,
create financial freedom and
be part of a great vision!
Interested in being the best version of yourself ?
I am looking for you!

Ringana changed my life! With my decision to join Ringana, I laid the foundation for my future! It is an invitation to go on one’s very personal dream journey. To grow, to learn and to be financially free.

I love to work so free; when I want, where I want, how much or little I want, and with whom I want! It comes from the heart and goes to the core! Do good for people, animals and nature! Supported and led by our super team.

Meet the Team!

Meet the team! We will support you! We celebrate your victories with you and take you with us when things don’t go well! Your gain is our win! “So We” stands for our team spirit! We have weekly calls on zoom. There you get friendship, inspiration and input.

We meet at the small and large events of Ringana to exchange ideas, celebrate and of course to get the know-how. There we learn from Yvonne Schönau about “Emotional Leadership – The Currency of the 21st Century” or let Christian Bischoff’s “The Art of Doing Your Thing” inspire us. We hear from our internal Ringana top leaders how they did it and get the best insights and learning from first hand!


  • Economy Education
  • Personal Growth
  • Likeminded Community
  • Your own Network, 1+1=2 / 1×1=11
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategie
  • Create Portfolio Income


  • Vision
  • Motivation
  • Planing
  • Teamwork
  • Repetition
  • Discipline
  • Stamina


  • Sense of Pride!
  • Being Grateful!
  • Sense of wonder!
  • Selfness, What do I want?
  • Self Portrait, Who do I want to be?
  • How to be a Leader
  • Dare to dream big!

What you get:

Know-how ✓

Providing an online learning platform with modules that you develop independently.

Perspectives ✓

We create new perspectives for you with simultaneous further training and personal development.

Mentoring ✓

I am at your side as a mentor and show you everything you need to get started.

Team work ✓

Weekly team calls & coaching on topics related to business, products and personal development.

Contact Infos!

  • Got curious? Want to know more?
  • +41797381316
  • maraalinezoe@gmail.com

Skills needed

  • Openness and curiosity for a new way of working
  • Enjoy communication
  • Affinity for health, sustainability and personal development
  • High self-motivation and determination to take your (professional) life into your own hands and to realize your visions.
  • Minimum of five hours a week to build your business. The more time you invest, the faster it goes
  • Investment in the first three months for your products (you cannot start a business with a company whose products you do not know yourself); this investment will pay for itself in the following months.
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