5 Body and mindset sessions to activate your inner artist
and step into your creative life!

Do you know the feeling of excitement? When you are really alive, in the moment and ready to express yourself? That tingling in your body that happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

That is the sweet spot where we grow as a person, where we start to be creative. There we connect with our inner artist, who knows how to create the lifestyle we truly want! Creativity is the number one tool to freedom, courage and fulfilment!

It’s scary. We tend to resist. We know that moving forward means to leave our old identity behind and leap into the new unknown. But always when we leap we find ourselves guided by our intuition. The rewards of our creations are greater than we could have imagined.  

My name is Mara. I am an international performing artist and I can reveal to you how to become a creative sexy badass. I am more than happy to show you how to access our creativity by stepping out of your comfort zone.

My biggest passion, besides performing, is to show people how to connect with their inner artist and bring a new flow of creativity and joy into their lives.

Mara Zimmerli Circus Artist
Mara Zimmerli Performing Artist
This course is perfect for you if:


  • You feel that you miss being creative? Paint, work play-do or sing like when you were a child?
  • You have built a nice life for yourself with a car, a home and a job but still something is missing?
  • You are in to self development, healthy food and fitness but you want more!
  • You see that the world is constantly evolving and you long to become a creative part of that change? 
  • You know you have it in you! The potential, the heart, the spirit! But time has buried your inner artist under a layer of day to day stuff?
  • You see your friends and other people develop creative ideas and move on with their lives, and now you feel it is your turn to play big too?

Well, the truth is I know exactly how that feels. There was a time in my life where I felt just like that. I had big dreams and no idea where to start. I wanted to make a positive change to this planet, to do something with my life that I am proud of!  I wanted to shine in the spotlight. I wanted to become an artist and an entrepreneur.

I felt my creativity lurking inside of me buried under years of duty, shame and playing small. Chocked under acquired education and society’s pressure to fit into a frame that wasn’t meant for me. Days, months and years went by and I realised that I wasted precious lifetime! I burst out of longing for fulfilment.

Then came the day where I took a leap and run off with the circus. An incredible transformation journey began. Finding my purpose in life, allowing myself to be vulnerable and feel safe with it. I reconquered my freedom and creativity!

I owe my transformations and success to two factors:

  1.  I am willing to leap into new adventures and use the opportunities life is presenting me.
  2. There are several people who helped, guided and pointed me in the right direction.

Without them, I would not be where I am now.

Just take a moment to imagine life brought you to this exact point. You are here reading this because this might be the right opportunity for you. Imagine this program is your leap. And once you leap the energies get moving and create momentum towards your dream. What if this is the program that gives you everything you need to change your reality and connect with your true creativity?

Circus Life
After this course you will achieve:


  • More energy for your everyday life;
  • More confidence in your body;
  • Access your true inner creativity;
  • Start a new chapter of your life;
  • Clarity and focus on what you truly want;
  • Your ability to be creative;
  • Freedom to create your hearts’ desires;

What you get:

  • 5 x 1hour sessions
  • One on one, private
  • Each session will have about 20 min. physical workout, 20 min. true deep talks and a 20 min creative task
  • Recordings of the 5 sessions.
  • 1 follow-up e-mail

How it works:

  • First you apply
  • Then we have 5 appointments. Minimum timeframe is one week – maximum timeframe is one month.
  • I send you a Zoom link per email and we meet online at the times agreed.
  • After the session, I send you the recording per email.

What you need:

  • Your smartphone or your computer.
  • Good internet connection.
  • A little space in your (living) room.
  • Privacy during the sessions.
  • An open mind.
This course is focusing on the body and the mind to achieve the best and lasting results.

The sessions start with simple and effective physical workout, to get the energy’s moving. Then in deep talks conversations, we focus on new mindset strategies. In each session, you will be given a creative task to open up new potentials!

I will share with you the exact steps that made me the performing artist and sexy badass I am today. I imagine a world full of creativity, colours and freedom! I’d be honoured to aid you in achieving your creative life! Be ready to learn about my best techniques to overcome comfort zones and grow into your sexy badass life.

You will gain more courage, self-confidence and clarity to express your creativity in your everyday life performance. 

Are you ready to rock the world? Let’s do this! The price is €650.

€ 590 instead of € 650
Early Bird Price!

Apply now!

  • with a voice message.
  • +41797381316
  • Mara Zimmerli
  • Free of charge and no obligations!

What you get:

  • 15 min pre-call
  • Free of Charge
  • No Obligations

This is to get to know each other, to see where you’re at and how I can be best of service to you.

  • 15 min slow deep breathing exercises to get grounded and present in our Body
  • 30 min Deep Talk about your hearts desires. Defining your life’s purpose. Setting the Focus in your life.
  • perfect day exercise
  • Creative exercise: Homework to paint an image of your perfect day.

Session 2
  • 30 min deep talk about how to connect with yourself and be in your creative energy.
  • Meet your future self.
  • Together we spend about 30 min. creating a 10 min. workout routine for you. Focus on your unique physical, mental and spiritual state.
Session 3
  • 1h deep talk and we exercise alternately.
  • Simple and powerful exercises, that will help you to step out of, and get comfortable, outside your comfort zone.
  • Allow vulnerability.
  • Holding the space.
  • Creative exercise: homework to write a journal about your current self development process.
Session 4
  • 15 min. of exercising. Several cardio exercises to get the blood flowing and wake the body and the spirit.
  • 30 min true deep talk about old belief systems and thought patterns.
  • Habits.
  • 15 min deciding on a new creative habit for you. Together we brainstorm to find the perfect creative activity for you to continue after the course.
Session 5
  • During 20 min. you will be guided through a stretching routine (on your level), to release tensions.
  • We do 15 min. conscious body posture work.
  • And finally 25 min. summary and action steps.
  • Questions & Answers

I have transformed my life several times and created a program that includes everything I know from my lifestyles as horse trainer, globetrotter, security officer, performing artist and entrepreneur over the last 10 Years. 

I always followed my dreams. Listened to my intuition, my tiny little voice that guides me like a compass through the big adventure called life.

  • ✨ Sometimes like a fine tingling feeling in my gut.
  • ☄️ Sometimes like a burden, feeling heavy in my chest
  • 🌈 Sometimes like an overwhelming euphoria in my body.
  • ❄️ Sometimes like a silent and secret longing hidden away in the corner of my heart.

I am grateful I always found the courage to take the steps I needed to do. They made me the person I am today. I feel good, whole and satisfied.

I want to share some of the benefits I got from training over the last years.

Before I started my circus Journey, I worked as a security officer. Just standing on spots for many hours. Or carrying around a bunch of important keys.. anyway besides that:

  • 🌲 I was not grounded. 
  • 🧟‍♀️ Not attending my body.
  • 👣 Not able to take the lead in my life!
  • 💖 Had not much self-love.

During my training journey, I learned to appreciate my body. I spend so many hours just sitting on the floor stretching my legs and pointing my toes. In a way, I enjoyed every single minute of the nasty stretching sensation. Because it made me feel my physical self! It was about me. Not an outside distraction.

I mean when did you last feel and appreciate your feet. Just point your foot as much as you can (yes right now) so you get that nice bow and feel how it makes you more elegant. I think it is an awesome feeling

After years of daily exercising I learned:

  • 🤸‍♀️ To trust my body!
  • 🏋️‍♀️ To be sure that my body will get there where I want it to be!
  • 💃 To be sure that my body serves me at its best!
  • 🧚‍♀️ To love my Body!

It is a very satisfying feeling to walk through the world with a good body consciousness. It makes me feel good in my everyday life.

If you want to boost your Body consciousness then I will share with you the exact steps that made me the performing artist and sexy badass I am today.

Apply now!

  • with a voice message.
  • +41797381316
  • Mara Zimmerli
  • Free of charge and no obligations!

Mara struck the perfect balance of challenging me physically and mentally. She adjusted the workout to meet my body’s abilities while still pushing me outside of my comfort zone. She is so positive and encouraging and made me feel like I could do anything! Her workout left me feeling stronger, encouraged and most of all amazed at the things my body is capable of. If you want to feel like Wonderwoman, she’s the coach for you!

Wella J.

She’s been prepared and gave me new ideas or points of view for my project. She made me think and help me to understand what I still need to work out. It was like talking to my best friend, but in the same time to someone who’s not too much personally involved. I’d suggest her like a coach, because she knows what she’s talking about and what you are going through.

Sandra S.

  • How much time do I need? 

1hour per day. It’s that hour that you reserve for yourself to unleash your true potentials that will make the difference in life! I know you’re busy but it’s important to prioritise.

  • What happens after the course?

Of course you keep the recordings, so you can continue to work with it, and there is a followup.

  • How do I pay?

You pay after the application call. By credit card, bank transfer or with PayPal.

It is possible to split the course fee in 2 or 3 bills.

  • What if I am not happy with it?

No problem. I am sure you will love it! If not send me an email within 10 days after the course and I will transfer the money back!

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