Everything in your surrounding needs to help you thrive!

I live a minimalist lifestyle. Therefore everything I own has to serve the purpose of giving me joy, help me to grow as a person and support my future journey as a successful artpreneur. Here are my life hacks! Services and products that have made a significant upgrade in my life!

These products can help you to upgrade your life and build the lifestyle of your dreams! Never hesitate to invest in yourself! Your energy is your most important asset!

Self-development tools*

The books that had the biggest impact on my personal growth.

And the journal to document my journey towards playing big!

366 Days of Social Media Posts Ideas *

Growing your following is made easy.

Stop wasting time and start posting.

This a real relief!

The DNG Inner Circle*

You miss having a consistent network of friends and business besties who get you and know you inside and out.

You are grateful for the freedom of your lifestyle but struggle with routines, discipline and sticking to your habits.

You want to learn and grow personally and professionally.

You want to learn real skills from real women just like yourself!

Pyroterra Lighttoys 

Welcome to the world of extraordinary light equipment from Pyroterra Lighttoys,

the creator of Visual Poi and other unique LED tools.

You get a 5% off with the code: chrisrockswithlighttoys.

All our LED Probs are exclusively from Pyroterra Lighttoys!

SISSEL Acupressur Mat*

To quiet my toughts when I'm stressed,

or simply after a trainingday

before faling a sleep.

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