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By |May 25th, 2020|

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. Success does not come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. By Marie Forleo.

☝️The first time we performed our manipulation act, we only used 4 wooden Buugnegs.

From today’s perspective, the number was really good! A lot of technique and nicely choreographed. It is crucial, however, that it did not make the audience scream.

💡We reacted and updated the number. We got black light color and painted and tinkered for days at home. We proudly presented the new number in the variety show and – the thunderous applause did not come! Conclusion: The number got a little better, but still no screams!

☝️We did in-depth research and incorporated elements from dance and partner acrobatics!

💡Acrobatics was difficult for us and it was not difficult enough for the audience. Thank God people were brought up to be polite, they always applauded.

☝️We rethought the whole concept. We were inspired by the unique, flowing movement of the Northern Lights.

We invested in programmable LED Buugnegs and had costumes made! We created a completely new choreography to an epic successful film music.

We spent 2 months at the desk as full-time programmer; To combine the light, the music and the movement of the LED objects into an enchanting experience. Everything was precisely coordinated with each other. The LEDs worked in perfect synchronisation with the music.

💡 The number was miles better for the audience! And miles better for us because we said goodbye to dance and partner acrobatics! The number was already unique on the market and garnered some screams! But we wanted more we wanted a tent lifter!

☝️We have invested in 20 additional LED lamps to increase the number and make the entire stage light up! 1500 individual LEDs on a total of 24 lighting fixtures were programmed and performed!

💡 The number stayed good! Although we now illuminate the whole stage. The 20 additional lamps didn’t make much difference!

☝️We completely overturned the whole concept!

We added characters to our Figures and developed a story line. Manipulation techniques turned into comedy and the illusion of magic was added. To top it off, we came up with a surprise effects.

💡6 years after the first version of the number.

We get our desired screams!

Believe in yourself and keep going!

Never give up!




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By |March 28th, 2020|

Now that my Circus Season is cancelled I am twice as grateful to have Ringana. To have a Team of likeminded people is giving me confidence!
They support me! Celebrate my victories with me and carry me when things don’t go well! My gain is everybody’s win! “So We” stands for our team spirit! We have weekly calls on zoom. There I get friendship, inspiration and input.
We meet at the small and large events of Ringana to exchange ideas, celebrate and of course to get the know-how. There we learn from Yvonne Schönau about “Emotional Leadership – The Currency of the 21st Century” or let Christian Bischoff’s “The Art of Doing Your Thing” inspire us. We hear from our internal Ringana top leaders how they did it and get the best insights and learning from first hand!

By |March 27th, 2020|

The Last five years, I spend transforming from a regular employee to an artist athlete. I spend all my time and energy on the project. I enjoyed the process of going inwards. I got used to always check in with myself! How do I feel? How is my Body, my mind, my overall being?
It was comfortable to sit in the quiet corner and train push-ups and splits for hours. Although there was one thing I was not aware of: I became a lone warrior!
As is it happens in life; someday I woke up from my lone warrior existence and realised: I am lonely! I can do split’s, Handstand and other superhuman things, but I don’t have any real best friends! Nobody I can call and tell what’s on my mind! Wow! Auch! This realisation was likewise embarrassing and painful.
There always appears the right thing at the right time in a persons life. It was time for Jacoba Nova to enter my life and with her came Network Marketing! Along with Network marketing came many new & old friendships! Now I have more messages on my phone then I can handle and a network of people that support and inspire! Fazit: From now on, I will live my life as a Team player, and everybody who wants to join is welcome!

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By |March 26th, 2020|

Now it’s official the season got cancelled. Chris and I lost the six-month contract with Circus Arnardo that we have been so looking forward too. We have been preparing for this contract for more than a year. With new numbers, new costumes and new requisites. You can imagine we invested a four-digit figure and accordingly, time and energy! We were so ready to rock!
When I received the news, I teared up and was sad for a couple of hours. Then Chris and I went to the forest for a long walk. Made a big fire to burn off the lost opportunities and focus on what lies ahead.
We’ll that shattered our plans, but our dreams live on, we will Rock the big stages! Just a bit later!
I am grateful to have started my other business more than ever. My network and my community is carrying me!
Here are the pages from the show Programm.

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By |March 25th, 2020|

The last month I have had a life-changing realisation.
Already in the third grade of primary school started my struggle to connect with other humans. I had a hard time building friendships. I already distanced myself in this tender age from others. That little struggle soon grew to a big battle and to be my significant teenage pain.
I outgrew the feeling of isolation, but it never completely left me. It always lurked in a hidden corner inside my heart. I didn’t know how to deal with it and choose to ignore it when it popped up. I haven’t found a definite cure, on til.
The other day I watched a life from @derfrischenetworker and @christianbischoff. The message was, you need to give to other people what you wish to get from them! If you want more recognition from others, than start to recognise others. If you’re going to have more love from others, start to share loving gestures. And soon you will have more recognition and love in your life than you could have imagined! And Inside my head, I could hear my AHA moment: If I want to have more friends and a bigger network then I need to be a friend to others, and soon my life will be filled with beautiful friendships! That moment I formed a commitment inside myself to be there for others and to become the friend everybody wishes to have!

#1+1=11 #winnermentality #personalitydevelopment

By |March 24th, 2020|

The last two month, I had a super-colossal learning. Maybe the most important of my life. It is also the most embarrassing learning to share. But life is there to learn – that’s progression.
Here we go:
All my life, I misunderstood the concept of winning! While growing up, I entered tournaments and competitions, and I saw that there was just one winner! Therefore I thought that there can always be only one winner!
Over the last month, I had the privilege of enjoying some very good coachings from leading personalities in our company. I learned that everybody could be a winner. That winner make winners!
Therefore the more I help other people win; the more will I become the winner I want to be! #risebyliftingothers
I did not just learn it. I understood it!
I looked back at my life and saw that I had been watching out for only myself and my inner circle. I realised if I had always looked out for everybody and helped all people, then I would be better positioned in life right now. Wow. I committed myself to be available for others from now on and help wherever I can.
It’s a straightforward thing to become a better version of one’s self and still such a complex process.
I am happy, I know better now. Thanks to Network Marketing. What is helping you to grow?

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By |March 23rd, 2020|

Before I started with Network Marketing, they told me it’s pure personal development! It’s a trip to your personal dream journey! And I was thinking ja, ja, I’ve already been through everything, and I know it all!
But oh boy, was I wrong. This job turned out to be a very honest mirror of myself. If I have any doubts or dogma’s, they were thrown right back at me! To progress as a Business, I have to develop as a person! Wow!
Are you already into personal development? Who is inspiring you?
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By |March 23rd, 2020|

I had such a beautiful moment – when conclusion light’s up the room! I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Hamburg and sipping my Haferlatte while reading Robert T Kiyosaki book: The Business of the 21 Century.

He explains the “Cash Flow Quadrant”,  four modules of creating income;

  1. Employe
  2. Self-employed
  3. Business Owner
  4. Investor

In each module, you can earn drams or breadcrumbs. It depends on how you make it! 

  • By active income
  • Or passive income


1. To be an Employee is to exchange time for money! It’s supposed to be a safe option. Work 42 hours a week and get an agreed amount of money by the end of the period. In this quadrant, you hear sentences like: “Be a good student, get a save job with excellent employee benefits!” 

2. Self-employed! They had enough of having a boss who tells them what to do. They want to work and life self determent. They are super skilled and very proud of their jobs! Here you here sentences like: 

I want to be independent! 

If you want something to be done right, you have to do it yourself! 

But after all, they still change the time for money! For example, if they run a little coffee shop, they still have to show up and serve the coffee to make revenue.

3. Business Owner. For instance, when the small coffee shop owner hires employees that serve the coffee for him, then he changes into Business owner quadrant. Now somebody serves the coffee for him, and he can go chill in Bali, and the money will still flow on to his bank account. That is passive income! I was struck by Kyosakys statement that a Business owner often is surrounded by smarter people then himself!

4. Investor: That is where we want to end up! The rock star of financial security. He has learned all there is to know about financial education. To start in this quadrant, you need lots of capital. These people ask questions like: “How high is the nominal yield?”

I could see myself so clearly in Kyosakys descriptions. 

I started as an employee in the oh so safe quarter. I used to be scared of being self-employed. I Talked about the weather and other trivial things. Time passed, and my pain points grew bigger. I changed to being self-employed, and I sad ” I want to be my own boss! I want to be independent!” I was surrounded by people that lived the attitude of you have to do it yourself! I definitely grew up and realised that I get nowhere exchanging time for money! I run out of precious lifetime!

Now I changed quadrant into Business owner! I found new like-minded friends that talk about Business. I stopped working for money and spend my time to think! How I can create wealth! 

If I imagine myself five years into the future, then I feel a tingling in my belly, a smile is forming on my face, and my body relaxes. I will be exactly where I want o be! Because I planned for it. I took choices, and I act!

I invite you to ask yourself: Where are you know and if you continue like this, where will you be in 5 Years? Are you happy now – will you be happy in 5 Years? How much do you earn now – how much will you receive in 5 Years? 

If you connect with you in 5 years, then you should start to light up so bright that even a blind man can see it!

List of references R. T Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.