🏋️‍♀️I have taught a lot of circus classes in the past 2 years, i.e. aerial acrobatics, acrobatics, clowning, juggling and everything else that the circus world has to offer! It was a valuable experience.

Circus makes my students happy and that makes me happy!

After 2 years I felt like I explained 10,000 times how to do certain things and I realized that it was always just […]


11 books for aspiring Artpreneurs!


As Robert Gladitz once sad “For every problem, there is a Book!”
I was not always a book worm! But the last two years I worked my way through several excellent books—all the Books were recommendations from superhuman beings which I admire. Books helped me to grow as a person and support my future journey. Here are my favourite ones! Those who made a […]

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Body Consciousness


I transformed my life several times 

From horse trainer, show rider, globetrotter, security officer to performing artist. 

I always followed my dreams. Listened to my intuition, my tiny little voice that guides me like a compass through the big adventure called life.

✨ Sometimes like a fine tingling feeling in my gut.

☄️ Sometimes like a burden, feeling […]

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jobs for live performers


Recently I found out about Digital Nomads. A Digital Nomad is a person who does jobs via the Internet who travels the world at the same time. For example, people building online businesses and help other people to grow and chase dreams. Or simply put, a branding expert or a translator who offers her expertise as a freelancer from a destination of choice like Bali […]

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Circus vs Digital Nomads


As an artist, performer and athlete, everything feels really good when I have work! I have a life, I enjoy working with my partner, and it feels like we’re doing something useful. We do what we love, we make art, we practice, grow and learn together. We have a place to live provided by our client. We have an income, we have fun and we […]

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