The Future


I am o so stunned: They told me it’s a personality development school! And yes it is! After just 6 months I can say Ringana has already changed my life to the better!
I am full of anticipation to see where I will go! Who will come into my life? What beautiful presents I will get along the way and how much I […]

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Age 32


After happily playing circus for 6 years in my little world I felt a hole for the first time! I immediately took action!
I signed up for a Business workshop and met my mentor Tanja! She laughed at my problem and said:” Mara it’s o so clear! I can help you! You start a new phase in your life right now! You will […]

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Age 31


I created my first aerial acrobatics solo act titled “Spellbound”. I love how it all came together. There is about 10 wonderful people involved in the creation process. They all helped me out of joy of creating my dream act! And I managed to “world premiere” the act for a sold-out tent!

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Age 30


A wink of heaven, two major things happening! A wonderful friend started teaching me aerial acrobatics.

And I got to join Circus Luna, so between performances I start teaching circus arts in various schools and associations. I learned and discovered all the different disciplines like juggling, clowning, magic, floor acrobatics, silks and many more together with the kids. […]

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Age 27


First act, first award, first job in Varieté PEGASUS. But seriously, becoming a performing artist and enter the entertainment business was personally the most challenging growing process I have been trough. I found myself in a new world and it took me years until I truly felt a part of it.

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Age 26


Still working as a security officer, and out of sheer boredom I get depressed and once more listen deep inside of me. This time my heart wants to go to the circus.

I started working in the publicity team for Circus Monti. I fell in love with the circus. I fell in love with […]

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Age 24


I needed money and felt urged from society to take a reasonable path. I took a job as a security officer and prepared for Swiss police school. My lack of orthography saved me from that fate.

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Age 23


I took the most amazing travel journey and walked together with my horse the 2500 kilometres from Zürich to Finisterre across Europe. After the journey ended I sold the horse and bought plain tickets across the world, where I continued to expand my horizon.

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Age 22


I work as a stable manager for a lawyer on his big mansion. This perfect job felt like a golden cage and I got depressed so I listened deep inside of me, and my heart told me to go on the historical pilgrimage Jakobsweg in Spain together with my horse. I quit my job the next day.

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Age 18


I sell my Icelandic horse in exchange for an Andalusian stallion. This is the only action in my life which I regret today.

I also finished the apprenticeship and got invited to work as a show rider in a park with birds of prey Falconeria Locarno. I always dreamed of being a showgirl, but I realised […]

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