5. Habits of Successful People!


5. Habits of Successful People:

☝️Focus on major things, not minor tasks.

It’s nice to clean up things and make them perfect, but it might be more important to do the scary phone calls.


Motivation gets you started; habits keep you going.

☝️Give it you’re all.

Focus creates energy that creates momentum.

☝️Spot time-wasters

social media etc.

☝️Have a clear vision of your long term goal

if we don’t know where to go, we […]

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jobs for live performers


Recently I found out about Digital Nomads. A Digital Nomad is a person who does jobs via the Internet who travels the world at the same time. For example, people building online businesses and help other people to grow and chase dreams. Or simply put, a branding expert or a translator who offers her expertise as a freelancer from a destination of choice like Bali […]

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Circus vs Digital Nomads


As an artist, performer and athlete, everything feels really good when I have work! I have a life, I enjoy working with my partner, and it feels like we’re doing something useful. We do what we love, we make art, we practice, grow and learn together. We have a place to live provided by our client. We have an income, we have fun and we […]

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