Flexibility is vitality.

A flexible body carries a flexible soul.

The decision to increase your flexibility takes you on a journey. On the way to flexibility, you are allowed to deal intensively with your body. You learn to feel inside yourself, to be very intimate in yourself and with your body. It’s about you, not an outside distraction. You will acquire skills like:

  • To trust in your body.
  • To be grounded in your body.
  • To be sure that your body will get where you want it to be.
  • To be sure that your body is doing its best to serve you.
  • To love your body.

3 tips on how to become more flexible

1.A feeling for the right pain. 

There is good pain that increases your flexibility, you have to look for it. It feels like it is pulling and tickling. Then there is a bad pain that causes you injury (strain) that you need to avoid. It can appear in many variations, and it often gives a stinging or tearing feeling. Usually, you know when that is the case, the body sends you a warning signal in the form of the feeling “this is not so good”.

2. Flexibility takes time.

For the majority of people, it takes months and years for the desired success to be visible. Think in millimetres; every millimetre is a success! Don’t expect your body to become a millimetre more flexible every day. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. With regular, correct stretching, you can expect maybe a millimetre per month.

Everybody is different, and many small factors come together when it comes to your body’s flexibility:

  • Age, how old are you and in what condition is your body?
  • Body type: are you the muscular type, or are you hypermobile?
  • Body tension: are you always under stress, or are you naturally relaxed? Are you proficient in meditation?
  • What sports did you do as a child? Are you one of those people who stretched weekly in ballet? Then you will still benefit from it in old age. Or were you always active on your legs without even thinking about stretching? In that case, your body will take more time to get elasticity into the fascia.
  • Your DNA. How flexible you also depends on which genes you have inherited.
  • Your diet plays a role. Do you eat enough base and drink still water?
  • How regularly you do something for your flexibility and with what intension you do the exercises.

3 The right exercises

You have to consider all of the above factors when creating your flexibility routine. Find the right balance of active and passive stretches for you.

  • Passive stretching is when you adopt a stretching posture so that you can hold it for a full minute. They are static figures such as sitting cross-legged for a minute. Go through all known stretching pose exercises every minute.
  • Active stretching relies on moving and loading the stretched muscles. To do this, make lunges and go entirely into the yoga warrior pose. Let the steps get bigger and bigger in order to work your way into the stretch, millimetre by millimetre. The lunge can be extended all the way to the split step.
  • Find your fun factor. Just playing down exercises on the mat becomes boring in the long run. Can you make flexibility, training friend (s), an acquaintance, your partner or your dog? Which music gets you in the mood, create a playlist.
  • Reward your stretching activities by listening to an audiobook while you do it.
  • Make yourself a delicious healthy snack as a start or end motivation.
  • Varying time and place: morning yoga, afternoon stretching in the woods on the Vitaparkour or stretch in front of the TV in the evening. Everything is allowed.
  • Implement exercises from different training cultures. Endurance athletes stretch differently than dancers and acrobats.
  • Support your body with fascia rolls and terra bands.

Every healthy person can increase their flexibility.

I started stretching at the age of 26 without any previous knowledge of gymnastics, and today I can do the splits from the cold. It took two years to touch the ground with my pelvis doing the splits, and it took two more years for my body to do a split without having to prepare and warm-up for hours. More than four years until the pain-free Split.

Flexibility is a way of life and goes much deeper than touching the ground with your hands. Your body becomes the tool on the way to more

✨ self-confidence,
✨ courage and
✨ meaning in life.

If you would like support to start your flexibility journey, I will be happy to take you by the hand. Together we will see where you are, what you need and what the right exercises and aids are for you and your body.

Motivated motion greetings Mara

If you have any questions, I will be happy to support you, leave me a note in messenger.

Have fun in the process,

motivated training greetings


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