Training motivation

Looking sexy is one thing. Feel sexy completely different!

What is the relationship with your body like? Do you feel strong in your skin?

Do you feel your body? Do you perceive yourself – your feet, your organs, your hands? Are you connected to yourself and do you radiate that too?

What picture do you have of yourself and how close are you to your ideal idea of ​​yourself?

For me, the body plays a very central role, because my body reflects my soul!


What influence does physical training have? Be it walking yoga or workouts?

As an artist athlete, I have spent many years stretching and strengthening my body. It has had an immense impact on my life. How I perceive myself in my body in my life!

Through regular physical training, I got to know and love myself. Every training, be it cardio, flexibility or strengthening, I have done with the intension to train my true inner strength. Trust me and develop my potential. It was never about looking better, or having a six pack. That was never a motivation for me! Just a pleasant side effect.

I am convinced that a six-pack or the bikini figure brings motivation for very few people. Physical training is about a lot more. It’s about meaning, goals and visions. True goals that let us carry out workout routines over years carry us in all aspects of life!

When I stand on my yoga mat and put up with the strain of pushups and other sweaty exercises, I don’t think about what my washboard belly looks like afterwards! I think about how I can get a little closer to my goal. I see myself as a circus artist on stage. I feel the spotlight and the viewers’ eyes on me. I become aware that I inspire other people. That is a strong feeling! That gives me the will to double and do another 10 pushups. This vision has carried me over the years and still carries me today.

When I warm up for a workout and do the same repetitive movement on a terra band twenty, fifty and a hundred times, that’s my daily meditation. It is my personal meditation. My Mara time in which I focus on myself! I feel my little muscles on my shoulder and how they work. By perceiving my body, I perceive myself, I connect with myself. I get in line with myself and that’s a nice feeling! Softly cozy and yet strong!

This connection to me that I build up in training lasts all day. When I go shopping for groceries afterwards, I stand in the shop and am aware of myself!

I ask you: What is the relationship with your body like? What is your motivation?

How would you like to be? What motivates you to deal with your body? What image do you have of yourself that you are proud of? What do you do every day to get closer to this picture?

If you are not clear about this, or you do not know exactly which steps you have to take to achieve your goals and dreams, I will be happy to advise you! Since I am currently in the development phase with my consulting business, I offer free advice!

Together we will define your true motivation and plan meaningful little everyday workout routines that will bring you closer to your goal!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do 10 pushups now or make an appointment with me!

Take your body consciousness to the next level! And you get your desired figure as a bonus!

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