I lose everything I’ve been working towards! That was my first thought when Covid 19 made its first waves in Europe! And yes I lost my main income! The 6-month dream contract with the Norwegian national Circus Arnardo!

I cried over it for 3 hours in the evening, enjoyed 3 gin and tonic and decided the next day that this crisis should be a blessing for me. I focused on getting used to new habits and now feel even fitter than before the crisis.

🧬 I signed up for further education for a personality development workshop at Christian Bischoff.

🏃‍♀️I was on the Vitaparcour 6 kilometers every other day!

🍴Have started practicing interval fasting 5 days a week.

💧 Drink 3L of still tap water every day.

⌨️ And I learned the 10 finger system with a program.

#fasting #3Lwater #loseeverything