🏋️‍♀️I have taught a lot of circus classes in the past 2 years, i.e. aerial acrobatics, acrobatics, clowning, juggling and everything else that the circus world has to offer! It was a valuable experience.

Circus makes my students happy and that makes me happy!

After 2 years I felt like I explained 10,000 times how to do certain things and I realized that it was always just about technical movements. The left hand goes there. The weight has to be shifted like this, right foot … etc.

💡The point is that I started missing the depth. I want people to be really happy in their hearts and that technical workouts in the end are not enough to improve life sustainably!

That’s why I took my lessons to the next level!

🔥 Combine physical training with mindset training. It’s not just a matter of burning a few muscles to make them grow. It’s about using the body as a tool to give yourself more courage, more self-love and more self-esteem through an exercise.

👩‍💻I have worked with my business mentor @Tanya Birri for the past few months. She is a drum roll of positive energy! Together we have developed a coaching program.

How do you like it? Can you help me with some feedback?

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