How does your favourite day look like?  Share your routine!

I am happiest when I have a proper engagement to work and a cozy and clean air B&B to live. Days like this: I sleep in and wake up by 9:00. Sitting down for one-hour drinking coffee and doing some artistic research online. 

Then I love to train new skills or polish specific moves. I meet at the Theather whit my artist friends, and we hold a training party! We go all in, we support each other, and we progress! We love the physical challenge. 

After training, I swing by the store, preferably organic. At home, I prepare a yummy healthy vegan Lunch for my Love and me. I like to digest with a nap or listen to an audiobook. 

At about 17:00 the fun starts. I go back to the theatre that starts buzzing with life. All the colleges come, we sit in the garderobe and chit chat while doing makeup, braiding hair and get into costume. We warm up backstage:

The jugglers juggle the clowns are funny, 

the girls stretch their splits.

The air starts to tingle and sizzle. 

The audience is coming in. 

The show starts. 

We do our acts while backstage life is pleasant and cool. Then is “Finale”  we all go together on stage. The audience eyes shine; they smile, clap and scream. The Energie is high!

After we meet at the bar and have a drink together to calm down, then I go home and sleep. Well, knowing that the next day I have the chance to do it all again!

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What is the favourite moment of your days?