🖋Today is the day I decided, I can write well from now on. No struggle, no pain, no more internal fights. From this day forth: I can sit in front of my laptop and just bring to paper what’s on my mind

🤯 Spelling was a “pain in the ass” even in school. This frustration has pervaded my life and has repeatedly placed barriers in my way.

In the past few days, I have been intensely concerned with writing texts. It was a grunt, and the articles were never finished. A jumble of 20 notes started had accumulated.

That went so far that I dreamed of it tonight:

I was back at school and wanted to continue studying. That was not possible because of the insufficient orthography. I woke up with a lump in my heart. Such a shitty feeling!

💡I can’t go on like this. I got up and decided for myself that it’s over now! From now on, I can just do it. Point.

From now on, I can sit down and put on paper what I would like to put on paper!

✋This is a very conscious decision! The next time I feel this blockage, I’ll say to myself: No! I don’t want that anymore. I write with ease and grace!

This works because I say “No” to old energy and choose new energy. I put focus!

🗽I determine who I want to be at every moment of my life. For me, it means to go through life independently. To be conscious and to take responsibility for my actions and feelings. That is spirituality.

Today I ran up the mountain. I took a deep breath at the summit—the turning point. From the moment I turn to run down the mountain again, I am a new version of myself. I have replaced an old habit with a new one!




#choice #writing #idecide