Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. Success does not come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. By Marie Forleo.

☝️The first time we performed our manipulation act, we only used 4 wooden Buugnegs.

From today’s perspective, the number was really good! A lot of technique and nicely choreographed. It is crucial, however, that it did not make the audience scream.

💡We reacted and updated the number. We got black light color and painted and tinkered for days at home. We proudly presented the new number in the variety show and – the thunderous applause did not come! Conclusion: The number got a little better, but still no screams!

☝️We did in-depth research and incorporated elements from dance and partner acrobatics!

💡Acrobatics was difficult for us and it was not difficult enough for the audience. Thank God people were brought up to be polite, they always applauded.

☝️We rethought the whole concept. We were inspired by the unique, flowing movement of the Northern Lights.

We invested in programmable LED Buugnegs and had costumes made! We created a completely new choreography to an epic successful film music.

We spent 2 months at the desk as full-time programmer; To combine the light, the music and the movement of the LED objects into an enchanting experience. Everything was precisely coordinated with each other. The LEDs worked in perfect synchronisation with the music.

💡 The number was miles better for the audience! And miles better for us because we said goodbye to dance and partner acrobatics! The number was already unique on the market and garnered some screams! But we wanted more we wanted a tent lifter!

☝️We have invested in 20 additional LED lamps to increase the number and make the entire stage light up! 1500 individual LEDs on a total of 24 lighting fixtures were programmed and performed!

💡 The number stayed good! Although we now illuminate the whole stage. The 20 additional lamps didn’t make much difference!

☝️We completely overturned the whole concept!

We added characters to our Figures and developed a story line. Manipulation techniques turned into comedy and the illusion of magic was added. To top it off, we came up with a surprise effects.

💡6 years after the first version of the number.

We get our desired screams!

Believe in yourself and keep going!

Never give up!

You can watch the whole act “Desire for Light” here!




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