5. Habits of Successful People!


5. Habits of Successful People:

☝️Focus on major things, not minor tasks.

It’s nice to clean up things and make them perfect, but it might be more important to do the scary phone calls.


Motivation gets you started; habits keep you going.

☝️Give it you’re all.

Focus creates energy that creates momentum.

☝️Spot time-wasters

social media etc.

☝️Have a clear vision of your long term goal

if we don’t know where to go, we […]

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Learnings on my aerial acrobatics journey!


“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” by Max Depree.

Three years ago, I started my aerial acrobatics journey. 

My biggest learnings are:

📖 Everything is possible! 

Imagine only a couple of years ago I would go to see a circus show and marvel at the aerial artists. Gasp at their awesomeness and strength! 🙌 Now others gasp at me.

📖1+1 = 2 but […]

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Research Time!


What I like about my everyday life! I like that I never have to get up early 😅 

I love that I have enough time for my interests. Every morning I have two hours to drink my coffee and sit in front of the computer.

I love this time; it is my research time where I can browse the world wide web and learn new things. […]

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Today’s the day!


🖋Today is the day I decided, I can write well from now on. No struggle, no pain, no more internal fights. From this day forth: I can sit in front of my laptop and just bring to paper what’s on my mind

🤯 Spelling was a “pain in the ass” even in school. This frustration has pervaded my life and has repeatedly placed barriers in my […]

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Your story can inspire others!


🎠 Age 4 or 5. My grandmother sees me riding a carrousel horse and says out of the blue “one day I will buy you a horse”.

👵🏼Age 11. I fell in love with a black Icelandic horse. I reminded Grandma of her promise.

🎓Age 15. attend apprenticeship to become a professional horse trainer.

🦅Age 18. I sell my Icelandic horse in exchange for an Andalusian stallion. This […]

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6 years for an overnight success!


Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. Success does not come from what you do occasionally. Success comes from what you do consistently. By Marie Forleo.

☝️The first time we performed our manipulation act, we only used 4 wooden Buugnegs.

From today’s perspective, the number was really good! A lot of technique and nicely choreographed. It is crucial, however, […]

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