The Last five years, I spend transforming from a regular employee to an artist athlete. I spend all my time and energy on the project. I enjoyed the process of going inwards. I got used to always check in with myself! How do I feel? How is my Body, my mind, my overall being?
It was comfortable to sit in the quiet corner and train push-ups and splits for hours. Although there was one thing I was not aware of: I became a lone warrior!
As is it happens in life; someday I woke up from my lone warrior existence and realised: I am lonely! I can do split’s, Handstand and other superhuman things, but I don’t have any real best friends! Nobody I can call and tell what’s on my mind! Wow! Auch! This realisation was likewise embarrassing and painful.
There always appears the right thing at the right time in a persons life. It was time for Jacoba Nova to enter my life and with her came Network Marketing! Along with Network marketing came many new & old friendships! Now I have more messages on my phone then I can handle and a network of people that support and inspire! Fazit: From now on, I will live my life as a Team player, and everybody who wants to join is welcome!

#Teamplayer #Together #Stronger