The last month I have had a life-changing realisation.
Already in the third grade of primary school started my struggle to connect with other humans. I had a hard time building friendships. I already distanced myself in this tender age from others. That little struggle soon grew to a big battle and to be my significant teenage pain.
I outgrew the feeling of isolation, but it never completely left me. It always lurked in a hidden corner inside my heart. I didn’t know how to deal with it and choose to ignore it when it popped up. I haven’t found a definite cure, on til.
The other day I watched a life from @derfrischenetworker and @christianbischoff. The message was, you need to give to other people what you wish to get from them! If you want more recognition from others, than start to recognise others. If you’re going to have more love from others, start to share loving gestures. And soon you will have more recognition and love in your life than you could have imagined! And Inside my head, I could hear my AHA moment: If I want to have more friends and a bigger network then I need to be a friend to others, and soon my life will be filled with beautiful friendships! That moment I formed a commitment inside myself to be there for others and to become the friend everybody wishes to have!

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