The last two month, I had a super-colossal learning. Maybe the most important of my life. It is also the most embarrassing learning to share. But life is there to learn – that’s progression.
Here we go:
All my life, I misunderstood the concept of winning! While growing up, I entered tournaments and competitions, and I saw that there was just one winner! Therefore I thought that there can always be only one winner!
Over the last month, I had the privilege of enjoying some very good coachings from leading personalities in our company. I learned that everybody could be a winner. That winner make winners!
Therefore the more I help other people win; the more will I become the winner I want to be! #risebyliftingothers
I did not just learn it. I understood it!
I looked back at my life and saw that I had been watching out for only myself and my inner circle. I realised if I had always looked out for everybody and helped all people, then I would be better positioned in life right now. Wow. I committed myself to be available for others from now on and help wherever I can.
It’s a straightforward thing to become a better version of one’s self and still such a complex process.
I am happy, I know better now. Thanks to Network Marketing. What is helping you to grow?

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