As Robert Gladitz once sad “For every problem, there is a Book!”
I was not always a book worm! But the last two years I worked my way through several excellent books—all the Books were recommendations from superhuman beings which I admire. Books helped me to grow as a person and support my future journey. Here are my favourite ones! Those who made a significant upgrade in my life!
Between the lines lies the lifestyle of your dreams! 😁


Playing Big by Tara Mohr
A practical guide for brilliant women like you!

Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen! That is Tara Mohr’s life mission! Her business is to help women stop playing small and to live up to their potential in life and careers. If you want to play bigger but don’t know how, then this step-by-step programme is the result.
I had this book suggested from Jenny Lachs from Digital Nomad Girls. It delivered real value and changed my mindset! I will read it again!


Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo
The 1 New York Times Bestseller!

This is not just a simple phrase. It’s a lifestyle. Install the one fundamental belief that will change everything: Everything is figureoutable.

It will train your brain to think more positively and help you break down any dream into manageable steps.

Wow, Marie is smashing it! I love her enthusiastic power! And she is so right!


This is Marketing by Seth Godin
You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See 

This Book I haven’t read yet, but it’s next on my list! Ulrike Stork recommends it, and it has excellent reviews on Amazon and Audible! I have high expectations on this one!


Art Money & Success by Maria Brophy

Art Money & Success: A complete and easy-to-follow system for the artist who wasn’t born with a business mind. Learn how to find buyers, get paid … nicely, deal with copycats and sell more art.

This book was a gamechanger for me! I would go as far as to call it the artist bible! It’s based around the painting industry, but in the bigger context, it works for all art industries! It helps to see the value of art and Maria gives practical advice on how to brand, promote and sell your art. I especially love Maria’s point of view when it comes to delivering value to your clients.


Atomic Habits by James Clear
The life-changing million copy bestseller

Ok, also this one I haven’t read yet. I expect nothing less from it then to change my life to the better! I want to hold on to my beloved bad habits for a little longer, and that is why I haven’t read it jet. I am afraid that if I read it, I will be an efficiency machine. I feel the point of me daring to read this book is coming closer! Bay Morning coffee and other Timewasters.


Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Lessby Greg McKeown

This book is a real gift! I understand that these pages carry a profound message. I do understand the concept, but I haven’t been able to integrate the pursuit of less fully! I would say this book was a number too significant for me and I have to come back to it in the future and reread it when I have grown more as a Person and as Business!


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.  Kiyosaki

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

Also, one of the most important books I read in my life so far. School does not teach us how to make money, but Robert T. Kiyosaki does. Everybody can learn to be wealthy. Robert’s life’s passion has become to educate people financially, and I am grateful for it!

Network Marketing

The Business of the 21st Century by Robert T. T. Kiyosaki

I love Kiyosakys simple way of explaining on how to create portfolio income. In this Book, he Explains eight simple components, accessible to anybody; one needs to do business and get rich! I had many Aha moments while reading it!


Belong by Radha Agrawal
Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life

Connectedness is the most significant factor in human happiness – Radha has written a blueprint for bringing this most crucial dimension back into our lives. A highly energetic guide to discover where and with whom you fit.

This book made me a better person! It gave me a deeper understanding of my human nature what I need to be a happier and how I can be a valuable member to society! I think this book is a must-read for every human being!


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

After all this productivity, business and learning, it’s time to calm down, lean back and enjoy time out. This Book is one of my favourite novels! I used to compare parts of her actress career with my performing arts career! A stunner filled with old Hollywood glam!


Walk Through Walls: A Memoir by Marina Abramovic

This is the book that touched me the most. Like Marina’s life, her art and her relationships advance with time. It’s woven in one honest and complex masterpiece; Marinas Memoires – Her life. Truly captivating, inspiring and touching!