I had such a beautiful moment – when conclusion light’s up the room! I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Hamburg and sipping my Haferlatte while reading Robert T Kiyosaki book: The Business of the 21 Century.

He explains the “Cash Flow Quadrant”,  four modules of creating income;

  1. Employe
  2. Self-employed
  3. Business Owner
  4. Investor

In each module, you can earn drams or breadcrumbs. It depends on how you make it! 

  • By active income
  • Or passive income


1. To be an Employee is to exchange time for money! It’s supposed to be a safe option. Work 42 hours a week and get an agreed amount of money by the end of the period. In this quadrant, you hear sentences like: “Be a good student, get a save job with excellent employee benefits!” 

2. Self-employed! They had enough of having a boss who tells them what to do. They want to work and life self determent. They are super skilled and very proud of their jobs! Here you here sentences like: 

I want to be independent! 

If you want something to be done right, you have to do it yourself! 

But after all, they still change the time for money! For example, if they run a little coffee shop, they still have to show up and serve the coffee to make revenue.

3. Business Owner. For instance, when the small coffee shop owner hires employees that serve the coffee for him, then he changes into Business owner quadrant. Now somebody serves the coffee for him, and he can go chill in Bali, and the money will still flow on to his bank account. That is passive income! I was struck by Kyosakys statement that a Business owner often is surrounded by smarter people then himself!

4. Investor: That is where we want to end up! The rock star of financial security. He has learned all there is to know about financial education. To start in this quadrant, you need lots of capital. These people ask questions like: “How high is the nominal yield?”

I could see myself so clearly in Kyosakys descriptions. 

I started as an employee in the oh so safe quarter. I used to be scared of being self-employed. I Talked about the weather and other trivial things. Time passed, and my pain points grew bigger. I changed to being self-employed, and I sad ” I want to be my own boss! I want to be independent!” I was surrounded by people that lived the attitude of you have to do it yourself! I definitely grew up and realised that I get nowhere exchanging time for money! I run out of precious lifetime!

Now I changed quadrant into Business owner! I found new like-minded friends that talk about Business. I stopped working for money and spend my time to think! How I can create wealth! 

If I imagine myself five years into the future, then I feel a tingling in my belly, a smile is forming on my face, and my body relaxes. I will be exactly where I want o be! Because I planned for it. I took choices, and I act!

I invite you to ask yourself: Where are you know and if you continue like this, where will you be in 5 Years? Are you happy now – will you be happy in 5 Years? How much do you earn now – how much will you receive in 5 Years? 

If you connect with you in 5 years, then you should start to light up so bright that even a blind man can see it!

List of references R. T Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.