I transformed my life several times 

From horse trainer, show rider, globetrotter, security officer to performing artist. 

I always followed my dreams. Listened to my intuition, my tiny little voice that guides me like a compass through the big adventure called life.

✨ Sometimes like a fine tingling feeling in my gut.

☄️ Sometimes like a burden, feeling heavy in my chest

🌈 Sometimes like an overwhelming euphoria in my body.

❄️ Sometimes like a silent and secret longing hidden away in the corner of my heart.

I am grateful I always found the courage to take the steps I needed to do. They made me the person I am today. I feel pleasant, whole and satisfied.

I want to share some of the benefits I got from training over the last years.

Before I started my circus Journey, I worked as a security officer (can you imagine 🤣) . Just standing on spots for many hours. Or carrying around a bunch of important keys.. anyway besides that:

🌲 I was not grounded. 

🧟‍♀️ Not attending my body.

👣 Not able to take the lead in my life!

💖 I had no self-love.

During my training journey, I learned to appreciate my body. I spend so many hours just sitting on the floor, stretching my legs and pointing my toes. In a way, I enjoyed every single minute of the nasty stretching pain because it made me feel my physical self! It was about me. Not an outside distraction.


I mean when did you last feel and appreciate your feet. Just point your foot as much as you can (yes right now), so you get that beautiful bow and feel how it makes you more elegant. I think it is an awesome feeling!

Over the years of daily exercising I learned:

🤸‍♀️ To trust my body!

🏋️‍♀️ To be sure that my body will get there where I want it to be!

💃 To be sure that my body serves me at its best!

🧚‍♀️ To love my Body!

It is a very satisfying feeling to walk through the world with a good body consciousness.

It makes me feel good in my everyday life.

If you want to boost your Body consciousness, I would be pleased to take you on a journey!

There is this circusy pose. I was, and still am obsessed with this pose. It took me over two years to get it.

When I started Aerials 2,5 years ago, this one seemed unreachable. I guess that made the challenge. My ultimate goal, something to burn for, and work towards.

To me, this seemed the most Beautiful mystery in aerial acrobatics. How could my body do this?

In the beginning, I was not even close to hitting the pose. Some lovely helper always had to hold my legs, to take away body weight. Just at some point, there was no one there to help me out and the struggles got real!

Officially this pose is called “one-arm flag”. Quickly I learned that colloquially artists call it “arm breaker”. Mara Zimmerli Aerial Straps

That name is very appropriate.

At first when I fell into the pose:

My arm would compress my ribs and squeeze the breath out of my lungs.

At the same time, it feels like the arm wants to break under the weight.

Also, it feels like my shoulder wants to dislocate.

All of these forces unite to one amazing sensation! I love the pain. It’s real and it makes me feel alive!

It gets not only the adrenalin flowing but also the endorphins enter my circuit. Every time the kick is guaranteed! A total natural high (at least for me) in every training session.

Today I feel safe doing it and my body has adapted to the extreme conditions. The pain is less, the sensation stays the same. 

🌞 It gives me confidence.

🌜 It gives me courage.

✨ It gives me satisfaction.

🐞 It gives me excitement.

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