A decade 2010 – 2020

In 2010 I was working as a horse trainer for a rich lawyer. I lived in a newly renovated apartment on his property and managed his stable. It was a perfect job for a 23 year old. I earned sweet money, probably around 4200 Swiss Francs a month ended up in my account.

Truth be told, it I was always alone and I felt like a bird in a golden cage!

While riding a beautiful white stallion down the avenue, I realised that I was not happy and I asked myself: what do I truly want? “I don’t want to work, I want to travel and I want to keep my horse!” I thought: “OK, but how does that look?” I listened deep inside of me and I heard “St. James way”.

Yes, The idea of walking 2500 km on the famous historical path from Switzerland to Santiago de Compostela by foot accompanied by my horse filled me with euphoria. I read that if one feels euphoria it is the right thing to do.

I quit my job, I left my apartment and I sold my car to embark on my journey on the 1st of April 2010. All my friends thought I was fooling them. I didn’t!

Walking towards a goal is a satisfying task. On the road life is simple! One is reduced to one’s feet and has lots of time to think. I realised that I was searching for the purpose of my life. I was lost and I didn’t know what to do with my life.

It took me 4 months to arrive at my destination. I reached Santiago de Compostela, but still had no idea where to go with my life. I sold my horse and backpacked through Asia continuing to search for meaning!


I returned to Switzerland. I needed money. Back then I did not know about digital nomads and working online. That is why I ended up working as a security officer. I walked many nights alone with a torch and a pepper spray trough buildings, closing windows and turning off coffee machines.

I still was lost and travelled on weekends, holidays or during unpaid leave. I went on city trips and I partied. I studied english in New York. I went to Australia to study the emotional effect horses have on humans. I went to the arctic circle and volunteered at a husky farm. I took a trip to discover the myths of Egypt.


I finally realised that I always come home after every trip and end up in the same puddle. One day I sat at the headquarter in my security officer uniform in front of all the alarm systems. I was so bored, I logged into Facebook for the 30th times to discover that there were no news!

I thought that this can’t be it. There must be more to life!

I faced myself and asked once again: “what do I want?”

Within me it got silent and my whole being was awaiting the answer with foreboding! Calmly the answer arose: “Circus Monti”! 

Yes, I want to go to the Circus Monti! The euphoria was back in my life. I wrote the job application on the same day!


I was on tour with Circus Monti! I drove around Switzerland as part of the publicity team to distribute pamphlets and posters. I fell in love with the circus life. It felt so free and colourful. 

I was fascinated by the relationship the artists had with their bodies! They could just stand on their hands and touch their feet in every impossible body position!

One hot summer night the team decided to sleep outside next to the red and yellow big top! When I returned from brushing teeth that night, the artist Chris Pettersen was comfortably stretched out on my bed. We fell asleep under the stars and woke up arm in arm! We had fallen in love.

I joined his training’s and he thought I had some potential. Before the season ended he told me about his dream of a “revolving ladder act”! I felt a fire burning in me and asked if he wants to create a duo together with me!


We designed the revolving ladder, built it, and found a place to practise. I fell down the first week and I was terrified after that fall. I wondered what I had got myself into, but I felt like there was no turning back! I kept on training through my tears and my fear. 

Only 4 months later we recorded a video of our efforts and sent it to the important Newcomershow in Krystallpalast Varieté. Chris and I got accepted!

There I had my stage debut! We even won the Berlin Wintergarten Award!

That led to my first contract in Pegasus Varieté!


I continued to train flexibility and strength every day for 4-6 hours. 

We went on a fun tour in the UK and participated in Norway’s Got Talent and did our first Christmas circus contract.


A dream comes true. Together with Chris we got to tour with Cirkus Arnardo. Our first traditional circus contract travelling all over Norway! 

Conclusion: I trained too much and was exhausted by the end of the season!



I got to tour with the marvellous little contemporary circus “Cirque Bouffon”! A poetic artistic production with lots of heart.

Charlotte de la Bretèque started to teach me aerial acrobatics and opened the door to the discipline of my dreams: aerial straps! I started to train twice as hard to manifest the vision of my solo act!

Cirque Bouffon was supposed to go to Paris, but because of too many terror threats, that plan was cancelled and we lost a month of employment.

It was a lucky coincidence that Paris didn’t happen! At that time another door opened for me. I got to join circus pedagogy organisations and teach circus to kids. I was delighted about it and dove into the opportunity. I learned to juggle, play diabolo, hula hoop, climb a tissue and exercise trapeze. I took workshops in magic and clowning and was overcome with joy by passing on my new skills to kids.


Another year with Cirque Bouffon. I would describe it as the year where I learned to accept applause and started to feel like an artist. I created my first solo performance titled “Spellbound” with help from Christine Gogoline!


Chris and I created our first solo show in co-creation with Eskil Balance! “The Fish and The Plastic” – An edutainment show for families, which shows the aftermath plastic waste has on our oceans and sea dwellers, and what we can do to avoid it.

We played the show in festivals, libraries, museums, kindergartens and schools.

After 6 Years of learning, training and discovering the circus world I felt like something is missing, I wasn’t burning with passion any more!

I came across a business coach and booked one-on-one sessions with Tanya Birri. I told her my story and she said: “Yes, Mara Baby! I can help you! I tell you what’s up! You’re entering a new phase of life. And this is the phase about You! You need to build a personal brand. Find your voice and help to make the world a better place! Inspire other people to step out of their comfort zone and build a life worth living!”

The moment I heard these words I knew It is the right thing to do and the fire inside of me was back!

I started my entrepreneurial journey and decided that I build an online business that inspires people to find their inner artist and allow creativity into their lives. If I could step out of the hamster wheel and step into my creative power life as an artpreneur, everyone else can too!


Together with Chris we already have many plans to make 2020 the most efficient and successful year in our careers so far. Most important of all I know where to go! I have found my purpose in life and I want to share it with the world.

Time flies! Don’t waste precious lifetime!

“Desire for Light"