Recently I found out about Digital Nomads. A Digital Nomad is a person who does jobs via the Internet who travels the world at the same time. For example, people building online businesses and help other people to grow and chase dreams. Or simply put, a branding expert or a translator who offers her expertise as a freelancer from a destination of choice like Bali or Peru instead of being trapped in a 9-5 job in a big cooperate company. Doesn’t it sound really awesome!



You get the freedom to travel and experience adventure while doing what you love and what you’re best at. To me this sounds just a bit like working as a circus artist 😁 We also do what we love the most, travel the world and we get paid for it!

I admit I was intrigued and wondered if being a Digital Nomad would be interesting for a circus artist? After doing some research I figured that most of the jobs could be done or learned by anyone!


  • 📣 There is a job section “language”, and many circus artists are multilingual.


  • 📝 A big one is the “writing” corner, sure there are some writing talents amongst creative circus artists


  • 📹 Many circus artists have a thing for “photo and videography”. Why not make money out of it? 


  • 👩‍🏫 “Online teaching” seems to be the thing! Nowadays there are online classes and online teaching for nearly every skill. Time is precious and people are happy to have private lessons from the comfort of their homes. Circus artists are highly specialised and can offer specific lessons that nobody else offers. The online teaching can be developed in an “online course” and sold online.


  • 💻 “Techie jobs” like web and graphic designer are in demand, well paid and a good fit for creative souls like circus artist. I think many circuses could use some help designing flyers and posters. 


  • The network and affiliate “marketing” corner definitely is a long shot, but networking sounds like fun and promises a passive income. 


  • 📱 And then there is the whole “social media” machinery. To have a big following can be used in many ways!


  • 🏡 “Investing” is definitely lucrative and if I get to the point where I can play in that league, I will.


  • 📦 “Ecommerce” is a bit more demanding but definitely doable and lucrative. There might be a circus couple that finds pleasure in drop shipping products they love!


  • 🎨 “Painting and drawing”. Circus artists who draw circus art are always around their right buyers; people who come to the circus who enjoy circus arts. After the show a the circus fan can purchase one of your paintings from you personally and get it hand signed. Sure that makes not only her day, but also turns her in to a circus fan for life. Your painting could bring a lot of atmosphere to the living room of the new owner! Every time she has friends over she will tell the story of how she personally got it from this lovely artist! Like that she spreads awesome word of mouth publicity for the circus world.


Since the old 9-5 job model is literally burning out. All this new freelance digital job models will grow more popular. It’s the way of the future that people get more fun and freedom in their lives.

It can be beneficial to hop on the online income train while it is still fresh. The thing is that all of this can be related to circus and used to boost to the circus world.

These jobs can be done as a second income stream or as a plan B. That means we are free to take any upcoming contract and perform as much as we get the chance to! I find that with a second income stream supporting my back, I negotiate better deals for upcoming contracts and have liberty to say no to contracts that are not up to my standards.

What if for some reason you injure yourself and you can’t perform for 6 months!?! Then it’s nice to have a little side hassle that takes the financial stress away.

✨I like to think of creating a business like creating art. It’s an ongoing learning process and takes some time to blossom.✨

A good idea to start with is the question: “How can I bring value to people and the world around me?”

For those who want to have more information and a closer look at different job subscriptions, I have created a document with 60+ of the most popular online jobs for circus artists. I added a lot of links to websites with information or sites where services can be offered.

I took the liberty to put most of the jobs in a circus context! 🎪 Click here!

60+ online Jobs for Performing Artist